Life in Balance

Do you want a Spankin’ or a Lickin?

Growing up my mom was always one of my best friends. She taught me so many things that I still rely on to this day. Even though we were such good friends, I never truly appreciated all that she did as a mother until I became one myself. And even though I feel bad that I didn’t appreciate her more and thank her more as a child, it gives me comfort raising my own kids knowing that I still remember a lot of the lessons she taught me so many years ago. Here’s one of those lessons that she taught me that I will NEVER forget. Thanks Mom! Happy Mothers Day all women everywhere who have a positive influence in the life of a child.

  1. Janie….you doll! You and your Mom!!!!

  2. Your Blog is awesome!

  3. Janey! You are a doll. What a great blog. I have so much respect for your mother. I love her dearly. Keep it up!

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