Life in Balance

Shunned in my two piece?

When I was a kid my big brother used to call me JYD, Junk Yard Dog, or even Junk Yard Janey. For those of you that remember WWF, that will mean something. I had forgotten about this until I read one of my old yearbooks the other day and saw where one of his friends had written that in there. He was just teasing me like siblings do but sometimes it still made me feel bad.

He was and still is a pretty amazing brother, I remember when I was struggling the most with my weight that he told my mom that he wished he could take it all for me. That still means a lot to me, to this day.

When I was over weight I actually kind of expected people to not treat me as well, or to judge me. This is why the story in this video really surprised me, and taught me a very good lesson. And for that reason I have always tried to teach my kids that NO ONE deserves to be treated badly. No matter what they have done, or the circumstance that they are in. We sometimes assume that other people deserve what they get, or that when someone finds success that it came easy for them. For that reason I try to put my teachings into practice in my own life and first treat everyone well, and second don’t be offended too easily.

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