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They aren’t bad, People!

So, first off I’m sorry if this is a little bit of a rant! I just get a little crazy when people think they can cut complete food groups out of their diet and have long term results. After trying every fad diet that there is out there, losing weight on them, only to gain it back because I deprived my body of what it physically needs to survive, and then instead of making healthy choices when I start eating that particular food group again, I have turned into a savage dog and eat anything and everything in sight. Yes, I just said savage dog.

Now, back to my point. I have found for myself that I do best if I eat from all of the major food groups, ie proteins, fats, and yes carbohydrates! I have also found that I do best if I am able to eat the foods that I love but fix them in a healthier manner. Even though my diet is a little stricter than normal because of my competition prep, I still eat protein, fat, and carbs at every meal. That being said, every body is different and reacts differently to different foods. So, find what works for you and remember to treat your body well, and live your life in balance.

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  1. My work is pretty seditary. I try to get exercise, and I do some. I just Ned a little extra help.

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