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Shakin’ up my Shake!

Over the years I have tried A LOT of different shakes. Some were ok, and some were NOT! Some of them I could use long enough to get through my weight loss goal, and couldn’t stand drinking another one again for a LONG period of time. The options are endless, so what is it that you should look for in a shake? Is it taste, texture, or nutritional content? How do you find the one that will benefit you the most. I’ll explain why I use what I use in this video.

  1. Hi Janey,

    Love your videos! Would like to know more about your daily workouts and your meal plan. Would like some different ideas for workouts and how much cardio you do vs weights.


    See you in Arizona!! 🙂

  2. What shake do you use? I have never found one that I can manage to choke down every day!

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