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FREE DAY! What is it?

If you have seen any of my videos, you know that I believe that in order to have long term success in your health and fitness goals, you can’t cut out complete food groups. Well, for me, this also includes junk food. I know it’s pretty Taboo to be passionate about health and fitness and still eat junk food.

In all honesty it’s been a while since I have actually had what I call a free day, 6 months to be exact. In today’s video I will tell you what it is for me and how I do it.

Here are a few of the guidelines I have for myself.

1. Free day, is exactly that. 1 Day, not a day and a half, not two days, not a weekend, but 1 day. If it runs over, you can actually do yourself more harm than good.

2. It’s not a cheat, because that implies something bad. It’s not a reward, because, I don’t like to think of food as a reward for anything, It simply is what it is, a Free day.

3. It really should be the same day every week, or you may again risk the chance of having it turn into more than the 1 day.

4. Start the day with High intensity exercise to get your body ready to burn those extra calories.

5. Make sure you still take your vitamins, supplements, and by all means get your water in.

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  1. I like the free day rather than cheat day theory! Thanks.

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