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Belly Fat!

Belly Fat is something that almost EVERYONE is conscious of. I remember even a kid, worrying about my belly. I started doing this video when I was 12 years old to try and work on my waistline.

Pretty funny, huh? Do any of you recognize that one? I used the Ultimate Buns VHS too. He he…

Why is it that no matter what we do that stubborn belly fat always seems to be the last thing to go. There are actually several factors that come into play. However the one I address in todays video is probably the one that has affected me the most. In fact there were times in my life that I was doing cardio for 2 hours a day, eating like a rabbit, and not losing an ounce. Once I learned how to help control this one issue, I saw amazing results and have been able to work with my body instead of against it.

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