Life in Balance

Scared to Death but I Did It Anyway.

In today’s video I share one of the things I do to help me accomplish the things that scare me and get one step closer to my goals.

In life we all have to go through hard things. It’s really the only way we can grow. However, I have found that sometimes we have to go through hard things so that we can help others make it through the same situation. My goal is to take some of the things that I have learned by actually going through these hard things and be able to pay it forward and help others that may be in the same situations that I have been in see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there is a way to find that happiness that we all long for.

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  1. Hey Janey,

    Truly motivated by your video!! I was finding a way to keep myself focused and here it is…
    I and I am sure tons of people out there are benefiting so much from your work…
    Really appreciate all the help and guidance…



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